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In cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia and the UN World Food Programme, assisted our client in donating a cargo of fertiliser
Get things done and enjoy the holidays!
Kristaps Loze receives the World Justice Project® certificate as confirmation of his contribution to creating the Rule of Law Index 2023.
Attorney at law Kristaps Loze has became a partner of the firm.
Our law firm successfully represented the members of the management and supervisory boards of a large Latvian food producer in a lawsuit against the company's minority shareholder. The gist of the lawsuit: the company's claim provided for in Article 172 of the Commercial Law.
Loze & Partners is proud and honoured to represent clients before the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, Case C-78/21.
Dear friends, clients, colleagues, cooperation partners - thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us year after year! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing you in 2022. Sincerely, LOZE & PARTNERS
"We are pleased that the state authorities listen to their entrepreneurs, delve into the submitted evidence and cooperate to achieve a positive result," says attorney at law Jānis Loze.
We have successfully represented one of the largest Ukrainian investors in Latvia
Our law firm, representing Husqvarna AB, successfully enforced the ban on posting Husqvarna AB's copyrighted photos.
Taking into account the recent developments in the Latvian banking sector, this will be a much-anticipated preliminary ruling in both Latvia and the European Union as a whole.
Dear friends, clients, colleagues, cooperation partners Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us this year! May the New Year be beneficial for all of us and open up new opportunities! Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year! LOZE & PARTNERS
The Index was developed by the Aviation Working Group with input on legal facts from over 200 law firms worldwide, that specialise in aviation law, including Loze & Partners.
The EU institutions approved a law which would allow citizens in all EU countries to go to court as a group if they have suffered the same damage.
Free legal advice in commercial law to three Latvian businesspersons every day!
The present management team of Wrong Digital have become the owners of the company.
Keep calm and ask your Lawyer
We are happy to share great news from our client SE Capitalia.
It's time to celebrate! Thank you all for this year and see you in 2020! Wishing you a happy holiday, Loze & Partners
On 4 October, the Junior ADVOC Practice Group Meeting took place in Nicosia. Our office was represented at this meeting by Kristaps Loze.
On 13 June 2019, the Saeima adopted amendments to the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (the AML/CTF Amendment) in the final reading.
The article by Jānis Loze and Kristaps Loze, "Minority Shareholder’s Right to Bring an Action against Management Board and Supervisory Board Members: Observations Stemming from Practice", has been published in the latest issue of Jurista Vārds of 23 April.
On 21 March 2018, Loze & Partners hosted the Irish Latvian Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting
Legal advice in the aviation sector is an area where our law firm has gained a truly remarkable experience.
A Societas Europaea may transfer its registered office from one EU country (including also Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein that are non-EU countries) to another without liquidation and formation of a new company in another EU country.
We are proud to say we have provided legal advice in the matter that has resulted in the Supreme Courting departing from its standpoint stated in its decisions of 2013 and 2016 that cases dealing with the requests for information by councillors do not fall under the competence of administrative proceedings, and has acknowledged that in compliance with the principles of a democratic state governed by the rule of law and Article 2 of the Administrative Procedure Law, it is the Administrative Court that has jurisdiction over such dispute.
When the organizers of Nordic & Baltic Young Artist Award approached us, it did not take long to decide, as Loze & Partners has always tried to support young and talented people, within its abilities, and this time as well we are happy to give backing to this event.
On 12 July 2018, a memorandum of understanding was entered into by the Latvian Government and Telia Company AB on improvement of strategic coordination in SIA Lattelecom and SIA Latvijas Mobilais Telefons.
We are proud that our colleague Liga Mence is a judge at Riga Moot 2018, an international moot court competition, at Riga Graduate School of Law.
Loze & Partners gives legal advice to US, Irish and Canadian companies on aircraft registrations.
On 6 March 2018 the Court of Justice of the European Union (hereinafter - CJEU) has delivered a groundbreaking judgment (Case C-284/16) that has the potential to significantly affect investment disputes within the European Union.
Kristaps Loze together with attorney-at-law Jeffrey van Nuland from Boels Zanders Advocaten compare the liability of directors in the Netherlands and Latvia in the article “The Netherlands and Latvia: Directors in the twilight zone” published in the ADVOC Gazette.
Although the participation in the Job Shadow Day is already a matter of annual routine for our law firm, not always we have that special gratifying feeling that this was a good job done, as it was this time. Merits of our shadows should not be underestimated, as this year our shadows were excellent –smart, focussed, and eager to find out as much as possible about the work of lawyers.
As contributors, Loze & Partners are truly pleased to bring to your attention a comprehensive business law guide prepared by ADVOC .
Is an employment contract validly executed if signed using an electronic signature? - response prepared by Ilona Bauda
The issue as to what is to be taken into account when flying a drone is becoming increasingly topical. Response to the question published in the magazine iTiesības has been prepared by associate attorney at law Kristaps Loze
In late May (25-28 May), ADVOC (international network of independent law firms) Europe AGM was held in Copenhagen that was organised by Denmark-based law firm DELACOUR and visited also by our managing partner Jānis Loze.
We are honoured to have been invited by the government of Ireland to give an expert opinion
In mid-February, the two-day Global M&A Conference was held at the Millennium Hotel in London
Job Shadow Day 2017 is over! This year we hosted two shadows, Aleksandra from Alūksne and Elza from Ventspils.
On 22nd of December of last year, the Competition Council cleared the transaction resulting in the acquisition by SIA Baltstor of a decisive influence in SIA Lenoka that currently holds title to MEGO trade mark.
Recently published Doing Business 2017: Equal Opportunity for All, a World Bank (the WB) Group flagship publication, shows that Latvia has improved its ranking and ranks 14th
Happy and full of energy, we have returned from our first joint trip, this time it was Venice we visited.
On 12 July, an article of our colleagues was published in Lawyer Issue.
Loze & Partners joins the the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (CanCham)
Jānis Loze is included in the list of re-registered patent attorneys
Loze & Partners advised UPRENT in investment attraction deal